Target meeting: 17Jun09, 10:30

Venue: Conference Room 8, Atlas Centre, RAL

Present: Y.Torun, J.Tarrant, P.Hodgson, A.Alecou, D.Adams, D.Wright, A.Dobbs, P.Smith, J.Pasternak, M.Krendler, A.Stevens, J.Treadgold, D.Findlay, P.Wright, J.Leaver, K.Long, C.Booth, R.Nicholson, A.Nichols, C.MacWaters, E.McCarron


Notes will take the form of list of actions and agreed items.

1.  Mechanical design and status of manufacture: Jason Tarrant

2. Target radio-nuclide 'budget': Paul Hodgson

3. Vacuum vessel and associated equipment: Eddie McCarron

4. Electronics, DAQ, control, and interface to ISIS: Paul Smith

5. Commissioning plan and schedule: Paul Hodgson

6. ISIS trip system and discussion of interlocks: Dean Adams/David Findlay

7. AoB

Summary of actions: