Target meeting: 09Sep09, 09:00

Present: PH, CB, AD, KL, RN

1. Review of actions:

2. Progress on mechanical design and fabrication:

2.1 Target assembly [2] and [3]: JT

JT unavailable.  Will try and arrange discussion with JT before Sheffield gents return to the north.

JT will present updated QA plan at next week's meeting.

2.2 Stator: CB

Need to plan following conversation above with JT.

3. Progress on electrical installation etc.: SG

No big problems.  Agreed to take liaison with DL on electrical via Sheffield.  Remove from agenda.

4. Progress on (dynamic) mechanical FEA: SY, WL

No report -- must resurrect some work here once high-speed camera pictures are taken.

5. Progress on magnetic FEA: PS

No report -- must resurrect some work at some point.

6. Target electronics and DAQ: PS, JL

No report, PS, JL unavailable.

7. Target interaction with MICE PPS and ISIS BPS: CMacW

Need update from CMacW next meeting.

8. Documentation analysis etc.: PH

9. Next meeting

10. AoB

Summary of actions: