MICE target phone meeting

11Oct10; 10:00 BST

Present: EC, JT, PS, PH, CB, EO, GB, BS, JL

1. Stator QA: GB, Ben Sheppard, et al.

See slides: here.

The results of the survey indicated that there is a variation in the position of the magnetic axis along the stator. The results from Bz do not seem to be consistent with Bx and By. This could be due to non-circularity of the windings. I wont attempt a detailed set of notes on the discussion. This is what we agreed:

  1. Since there is no evidence of a single offset, we decided to re-fit T2 with the improved mechanical pieces and with the shaft at its nominal position. We would then soak test the re-fitted T2 as defined on the schedule in order to:
    1. Understand the degree to which the improved mechanical components reduce the wear on the bearings; and
    2. Soak test the new controller important to insure good behaviour in running next year.
  2. The magnetic fields in stator T3 which is assembled but not welded will be measured to allow a comparison with the fields of T2;
  3. Work will begin in earnest on a redesign of the coil manufacture. KL will contact TB to discuss how to proceed. In parallel, we will begin to work on the measurement and procurement of more permanent magnets.

2. Next meeting

-       Phone call: 13Oct10; 09:00 BST

3. AoB