MICE target phone meeting

11Jan11: 09:00 GMT


1. Review of actions:

         BS to indicate magnetic tolerances for permanent magnets.

         PH to contact Arnold Magnetics to discuss what can be achieved.

         JT to provide toleranced drawing of permanent magnets for Sheffield to place order.

         JT/EC to investigate whether used magnets can be recovered by machining out the shaft.

         BS to check what other mechanics might be needed for permanent magnet measurements.

2. Review of running in R78: PH, EO

3. Progress on mechanical design and fabrication:

3.1 Target assembly [3] and [4]: JT

3.2 Stator development: EC, GB, BS

3.3 Permanent magnet development: PH

3. Target electronics and DAQ: PS, JL

4. Target paper: CB

-       http://mice.iit.edu/bl/Target/index.html

5. Next meeting

-       26Jan10; 09:00 phone call

6. AoB