MICE target phone meeting

09Feb11: 09:00 GMT


Phone details: here

1. Review of actions:

         EO: to check how/when IC ladies want components.

         GB: to check on chiller order.

         PS, BS: review whether it is a good idea to reduce inner radius of coils.

         KL: Liaise with DF to identify date for next MICE/ISIS target w/s.

2. Review of running in R78 and inspection: PH, EO

3. Progress on mechanical design and fabrication:

3.1 Target assembly [3] and [4]: JT

3.2 Stator development: EC, GB, BS

3.3 Permanent magnet development: PH

3. Target electronics and DAQ: PS

4. Target paper: CB

-       http://mice.iit.edu/bl/Target/index.html

-       No report this week.

  Combine short writing w/s with MICE ISIS writing w/s. KL to email DF.

5. Next meeting

-       16Mar10; 09:00 phone call

6. AoB