A letter of intent was submitted to Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the following talks presented to the joint CLRC/PPARC panel on March 25, 2002.

The response was favorable and a full technical proposal was submitted on January 10, 2003 for mounting the experiment at ISIS.

You can see the proposal in pdf, low resolution pdf or word format here and the cover page looks like this.

The following presentations were made at RAL in support of the proposal on February 17, 2003:

Following an encouraging initial response from the review panel and a formal review process, the MICE proposal was approved by CCLRC, the organization that operates Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, in October, 2003. A Technical Reference Document is now in preparation.

Here are some useful documents:

Yagmur Torun - torun@iit.edu September 14, 2004