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Cooling Channel graphic

The pictures are uploaded from the MICE Hall approximately every 60 seconds; your browser should be automatically refreshing itself to show the latest images.
They are distributed through the gallery at RAL.

Camera 11

CamHall11 image
Cooling Channel

Camera 12

CamHall12 image

Camera 7

CamHall07 image
The Trench

Camera 14

CamHall14 image
North Mezzanine

Camera 5

CamHall05 image
Equipment Door

Camera 16

CamHall16 image
Linde Fridge Gas Analyser

Camera 9

CamHall09 image
Proton Absorbers

Camera 15

CamHall15 image
Decay Solenoid Quench Protection

Camera 13

CamHall13 image
Operations Spare

Camera 8

CamHall08 image
Target Vac-Rack

Camera 6

CamHall06 image
Controlled Entry doors

Camera 17

CamHall17 image
Q6 water leak

Camera 10

CamHall10 image
North Shield Wall



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