MICE Online Group


The MICE Online Group creates, maintains, and ensures proper use of all tools (hardware, software, documentation) within the MLCR (MICE Local Control Room and Rack Room) that allow the experiment to efficiently record high quality data. We are responsible for Data Acquisition (DAQ), Controls and Monitoring (C&M), Online Monitoring and Reconstruction, Data Transfer, Networking, and MLCR Computing. We also interface closely with systems related to the Online sector including MICE Operations, Offline Software, and Computing.

  • All recent Online Group Meeting web pages can be found on the micemine wiki page

  • Subgroups:
  • DAQ (Yordan Karadzhov) - Controls taking and recording of all data from the MICE experiment, including all particle ID detectors, tracking detectors, and beam line diagnostic tools. This subgroup is responsible for all hardware within the MLCR, the DATA DAQ software, MICE trigger system, and unpacking software.
  • Controls & Monitoring (Pierrick Hanlet) - Controls all MICE systems including the target, all conventional and superconducting beam line magnets, particle ID detectors, tracking detectors, and cooling channel components. Monitoring of Hall environment and equipment function during data-taking is provided by the Alarm Handler, and the Archiver saves a record of all monitored systems and run conditions. C&M also provides an interface with the Configuration Database to retrieve pre-selected run configurations and to save new configurations.

  • Online Monitoring - Provides an immediate, low-level diagnostic monitoring capability for all DAQ hardware. Monitors DAQ performance and allows individual channel-by-channel assessment of detector behavior.

  • Online Reconstruction (Linda Coney) - Provides real-time physics information during data-taking, immediate feedback to experimenters, and a first look at analysis quantities. It includes a fixed set of histograms filled during data-taking for checks of data quality, beam dynamics, and detector function. The Online Reconstruction necessarily interfaces with the MICE Offline Software.

  • MLCR Computing and Network (Craig Macwaters) - Maintains all DAQ and C&M computers, both wired and wireless network in the control room, and controls access to these machines in accordance with RAL computing security guidlines.

  • Data Transfer (Henry Nebrensky) - Allows efficient and automatic movement of MICE data sets and associated Online Monitoring and Reconstruction plots out of the MLCR for permanent storage.

    MICE Online Group Members:

  • Linda Coney (UC-Riverside) - Online Group Leader and Online Reco
  • David Colling (Imperial College, London) - head of Software & Computing for MICE, contact person for GRID PP
  • Yordan Karadzhov (Geneva University) - head of DAQ
  • Vassil Verguilov (Geneva University) - DAQ/Online Monitoring/Online Reco
  • Pierrick Hanlet (IIT) - head of C&M, Configuration Database
  • Adrian Oates (Daresbury Lab) - C&M
  • Brian Martlew (Daresbury Lab) - C&M
  • Paul Hodgson (Sheffield University) - Target C&M
  • Matt Robinson (Sheffield University) - Target and Tracker C&M, EPICs connection to Config DB
  • Mike Courthold (RAL) - Networking
  • Paul Kyberd (Brunel University) - GRID, Contact person for GRID PP
  • Henry Nebrensky (Brunel University) - GRID, Data Transfer, MICE Data Manager
  • Janusz Martynikk (Imperial College, London) - MICE Data Mover
  • Simon Fayer (Imperial College, London) - SysAdmin for MLCR Computers
  • Craig Macwaters (RAL) - MLCR Network, Computing, and Hardware
  • Antony Wilson (RAL) - Config DB, MICE PPD IT contact
  • Chris Rogers (RAL) - head of Offline Software Group, link from Online Reconstruction to Offline Software
  • Chris Tunnell (Oxford University) - head of Detector Subgroup in Offline Software Group
  • Please contact Linda Coney if you are interested in this effort and join the mice-dcm (DAQ, controls & monitoring) mailing list.

    Here are a few useful links:

    We have weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 15:00 RAL time:

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